Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Award!

Yesterday, my husband and I cruised down the PCH from LA to San Diego, moving from one hotel to the next. While we were enjoying the warm sunshine and a little sand in our toes, I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award from two different people! :o) A huge thank you goes out to Vicky at Keep Calm & Imagine and Cathy at C is for Cookies, Cakes, Children, Classrooms, and Crafts

For this award, here are the rules:  
1. Follow the person who gave me the award.  done :)

2. Link back to the person that gave me the award.  done :)

3. Pass to 15 new bloggers and then let them know they have received the award. 

Here are the awesome blogs I'm passing this award on to:
*I'm trying to find 15 blogs... but here is what I have so far!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the award! Looking forward to reading through your blog.