Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aurora Tragedy...

So, I want my blog to be all about teaching... but I have to take a moment to reflect upon the tragic event that happened in my city yesterday.

This morning, my husband and I worked in the yard - he was mowing the grass while I pulled up some pesky weeds. As I tugged at the roots, I noticed how some of the plants looked like they bled when I pulled the stem instead of getting the entire root.
Now, I realize that I am an emotional person to begin with, but I actually started tearing up when I saw this! It made me so sad to "kill" this living thing that is just minding its own business, doing the thing it was created to do. This weed is part of our ecosystem! And here I am, some human, coming along and destroying it all because it "looks bad" in my yard!

As I was wiping away the tear that fell down my cheek, I kinda chuckled out loud because I just shed a tear over a weed! A WEED!! But, I think my sadness fell deeper than this lonely plant. It makes me sad to think that a human being is capable of taking away the life of multiple people. It makes me sick to think that a person has an agenda to kill, just for the sake of killing. 

My heart goes out to all of the families who have been affected by the Aurora Theater Shooting. I cannot even begin to imagine the heartbreak and loss that is felt by those people who were there or knew someone who was. I absolutely cannot understand taking life of another soul. 

Psalms 30:5 Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.


  1. Hi Ashley, I would be happy to send my calendar template to you, but I couldn't reply to your email (it's a "no reply blogger" address). Will you send me an email at so I can reply back to you? Thanks!

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  2. Hi Ashley! What a great post, you are such an emotional writer! I can't wait to read more as I explore through your blog.

    Thanks again for following my blog!

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching

  3. It's hard for some of us in the rest of the nation to deal with such a tragedy, but I realize that it is probably MUCH harder when you are in the same city as where it happened! Such a senseless act. Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes

  4. Ashley,

    I completely relate to you about the weeds etc. My husband laughs because I can be completely empathetic and I save bugs from being squished, and how I get upset when he kills things I feel are "cute" in video games... (he hasnt played one in a few years because he had to kill these sweet looking things that didnt do anything wrong!) I recently posted to facebook about the shooting, and then other things I have had trouble digesting (recently in DC/VA, we have had a man who got crushed by a tree in his car because someone from VDOT didnt do their job, he looked really nice. People walked past a man who had been hit by car, he ended up dying, and then the shooting, that made me recall years ago, when there was a fire at a night club... I just cant fathom how these things can happen. It hurts my heart to even think about them. I am glad there are more people out there who feel, just like I do.

    <3 Alison